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Video Training with James Mellor

Covering the basics to get started with Video as part of your business


Part One


  • Messages you want to convey – Your Homework
  • To Script or not to Script, tips on delivery
  • Top tips on presenting on camera
  • Camera setup & lighting tips
  • Sound

Part Two

  • Filming
  • Review of Filming
  • Refining the Presentation

Part Three

  • Audience
  • Video for Social Media
  • Additional ideas, blogs maximising the content.
  • Free Tools for editing with mobile
  • Creating a plan

Part Four (After session)

  • Editing (carried out by NV)
  • Show final video
  • Practice what you have learnt

Do a video review of your experience. (film yourself on mobile or other device)


To give you confidence to start using video as part of your marketing strategy going forward.

Have your first video to market with.

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